Things that make me happy: cartoons, doodles & comic books

This is the first in a series of posts I'm planning to write about the things and people that help me feel happy. First up, cartoons, doodles and comic books.

When I was younger, my brother and I would often stay over at my grandparents house. I slept in what had been my Uncle's bedroom when he was a kid, and on the bookshelf in that room was a collection of old comic books.

These were mostly a mix of Peanuts, BC and Wizard of ID and I loved reading them over and over again. I still follow Peanuts on social media and along the way have found new cartoonists, doodlers and illustrators who make me smile, laugh or think.

There are also a few who quite often hit the nail on the head when it comes to describing the feelings of anxiety, stress or worry that I've felt and it's comforting to find a bit of shared humour with others who understand.

Here are some of my current favourites. I hope you enjoy!

Twisted Doodles 

Not only do I enjoy her cartoons on instagram and but I do enjoy her tweet updates showing a bit of an inside to her life. Both make me smile, as does her answer to the question" where do you get your inspiration from"..."...I get my inspiration from loads of stuff, then I panic and wonder if it will make sense outside of my head. SOMETIMES IT DOES".

I know and love that feeling!


Gemma Correll

Pugs, kittens, anxious thoughts, adult reward stickers and puns what's not to love about Gemma Correll's work?  

One of the great things about following her on social media is seeing the number of comments which say "that's me!" and "so true!". 

Gemma seems to take the things we worry about or feel we are failing at and say "Hey, it's okay, I'm struggling with this too". It really helps combat all those picture perfect messages that make you feel like you are the only one not quite getting it yet.



The power of post-its and a pen :)

Flowcharts, pie charts and chats between often insightful stick men, are the basis on these cartoons. Quirky observations and the clever use of a small and simple medium makes for a very popular, smart and funny instagram account.






I love Beth's cute wee anxiety riddled doodle creatures. Not only are they really quite adorable to look at but they are me! Or rather they are a part of me, a part I'm trying hard to recognise, challenge and overcome. 

These doodles are fun but they are also brave and honest and I adore them for that.





A bag for Katie

I've shared these wonderful illustrations before in my Tampon Mountain post. Not only do I love them but they were incredibly helpful when I was explaining the issue of period poverty to friends via social media. The illustrations get straight to the point and their message is very memorable.





I'd love to hear about any other cartoons, comics or doodles which make you smile or that focus on anxiety and other mental health or social issues. It's always good to find something new to smile about, especially if it helps you understand yourself a little better too :)