Sorting out my thoughts

I’ve tried a number of different techniques to help clear my head when I'm troubled, or to work through a problem when I'm feeling overwhelmed by it. Here I've shared what’s worked best for me. They won't be right for everyone of course but I hope that there's at least one or two which might work well for you.

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Bonkers, Bedlam and Biscuits, the language of madness

Whilst out and about this morning I caught a bit of Stephen Fry's radio show "Fry's English Delight". This episode was called "That way madness lies" and looked at the "language of madness". Having toyed with the idea of writing a piece about the words and phrases I use to describe my own health issues (mental and physical) I was really interested to hear more.

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Tampon Mountain

Just before Christmas, a good friend shared an article on Facebook which looked at the issue of period poverty and asked friends to support a collection of tampons and sanitary pads to donate to her local food bank.

Immediately, I realised that I had never considered donating these items before and had really only thought about food for food banks. It turns out I was not alone. 

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