The Happy Barnet Craft Challenge!

I do love a good crafting project but due to health issues I hadn't been crafting much or spending as much time with my crafty friends (that's the worst bit, obviously!) so I have decided to try and bring a bit of crafty fun back in to my life and hopefully to encourage fellow crafters like you to try something new. Which brings me to.....*drumroll please*...... The Happy Barnet Craft Challenge!

Craft Challenges 2018:

Take a look at the list of challenges below, grouped into two sets, one just for fun and the other to try something new. Pick as many or as few challenges as you feel comfortable completing. 

You can share your project updates and get more ideas in the happy barnet facebook group and use/follow the hashtag #happybarnetcraftchallenge on instagram, and twitter. Looking forward to seeing which challenges you choose and of course your finished crafts!

Happy Crafting, folks!

Barnet x

The growth challenges - click to enlarge

Challenge yourself to something new:

  1. Teach someone a craft to someone else

  2. Use a craft kit/tool you've bought but never used

  3. Try a traditional craft from your local region/country

  4. Get a friend to teach you a craft you've never tried before

  5. Attend a craft workshop

  6. Make something from a craft book you already own

  7. Learn a new technique in a craft you're already comfortable with

  8. Take part in a craft-a-long (with friends or an online group)

  9. Learn a new craft or technique from a youtube video

  10. Try a craft, technique or project you've previously been intimidated by

The just for fun challenges - click to enlarge

Fun and inspiration:

  1. Host a crafternoon tea with friends

  2. Make a surprise gift for someone

  3. Make something FOR YOURSELF!

  4. Keep it simple, make something in black and white

  5. Complete a project only using materials you already own

  6. Make something in the 2018 colour of the year: Ultra Violet

  7. Use your birth month colour, flower or stone as inspiration

  8. Craft outdoors

  9. Visit an independent craft shop you've never been to before

  10. Make something featuring the 2018 Chinese zodiac animal, the dog