Things that make me happy: funny songs

Thanks to my ME flaring up I've been finding it even harder that usual to get going in the morning and get out of bed. To avoid falling back asleep altogether as I try and come to, I've been watching various YouTube videos. On Friday morning I found myself watching a series of Victoria Wood clips including the wonderful Ballad of Freda and Barry. From there I started looking up other comedy songs and basically laughed myself awake! (No, that doesn't mean ME can be cured by laughing...I wish! It's just a technique I use on days I'm well enough to get up but still struggle with getting going)

In writing this blog and looking up funny songs I enjoy I've rediscovered songs and comedians I'd forgotten and found new ones I hadn't heard about before.

I've posted a few of my favourites below. Some you might know, others you might not. Hopefully there will be some you enjoy (I hope!) but they are so varied there may also be some that aren't your cup of tea. That's okay too. One of the things I've learnt from writing this blog is that it's kinda fun to pick something you enjoy and, for lack of a phrase that's a little more fun, "research it". Look into whatever it is you enjoy and I promise you, you'll find old and new favourites.

Oh and don't forget to let me know what songs or performers you'd recommend I have a listen to.

Barnet x

Well of course I need to start with this one! I love the characters of Freda and Barry, their
battle between Freda's lust to "just do it" and poor Barry's desire for a quieter evening or at
least a chance to work on some DIY. Victoria Wood's incredible word play is at it's best
here and if you've not seen it before, be prepared to never look at an avocado or the
Woman's Weekly in the same way ever again!

So many things in this song you feel you shouldn't laugh at...but you will! (either that or I am a terrible, terrible person!)
Bo Burnham is pretty direct in his songs. He's funny of course but he's also smart and
doesn't shy away from making his point or making you look at how we all act or respond
to various situations in life and society. If you like this video I'd definitely recommend
"God's Perspective" and "Lower your expectations

This is my favourite Tim Michin song. I love how in this video you can tell the audience
already know the song as soon as it starts and love it. They know where the joke is going
and are excited to see it unfold. TIm seems to take such joy in playing with words and
indeed with the audience. Enjoy!

Mummy Barnet, if you're reading this, I'd skip this one, it's not for you. I however think it's
hilarious. If you haven't heard them before you may recognise Andy Samberg, one of the
three performers making up The Lonely Island. In this video the trio are celebrating their
"grown ass man" achievements including having Diaper Money. I recognise the emotion, 
adulting is hard and you do end up celebrating the weirdest stuff at times.

29 31
This was the cleanest Garfunkel and Oates video I could find. I love the premise of this
song. It's funny and brutally relatable. I find it particularly funny having been the girl
behind both these doors are various times in my life and as a 40 singleton (that sounds better than spinster, right?) quite happy
with being a singleton (mostly) I love that I'm behind neither of them any more! If you do like this
video, there's plenty more online but do be aware this really is the tamest :)


FYI the C bomb is dropped once here. If that bothers you, you might want to scroll down to Morecambe and Wise. Much safer there xx

You may well know Fascinating Aida from their social media favourite, "Cheap flights" 
about Ryan Air style pricing. This is another of theirs and yes, the title does
correctly suggest it's a bit of a racier topic but trust me it's so much fun. Just sit back
and listen to Dilly and Brian's tale of love and lust in a Mazda round the back of Asda.

I've seen Bill Bailey in loads of different things, as I'm sure you have but I've never heard
this song until this weekend which is why I've included it. Hats off to the badger, indeed! 

Nick Helm is the only comedian on this list I've seen live. I saw him a few years ago as the
Fringe. He is like no other comedian I've seen live. It's a strange atmosphere he creates. I
remember it was one of those small pop-up Fringe venues, very dark, a smoke machine was on and
loud intence music was playing. Then out came Nick, shirtless, loud, occassionally screaming in
audience members' faces, singing full blast in that gravely voice of his and then reading
sad, heartfelt poetry. I left exhausted and he's been a favourite ever since. 

If you don't know Tenacious D, you're bound to know lead singer, Jack Black. Tribute is not
only a great comedy song, it's just a great song. Once heard, you'll be singing it all day. 
Oh and Jack Black's performance?? Rock on!

Okay I'm breaking my own rule and including another Nick Helm. It's my blog, I'm allowed
This is my kind of serenade, and not just because Nick Helm is a comedy crush of mine. What can I say, the dishevelled crooner look works for I think about it, this may explain my singleton status.

This is a group I'd forgotten I knew about! This is such a clever yet simple premise. They
might not have written a single word of this song (or should that be songs??) but by the
end you will think they are the only original part about the whole thing!

These last two go to show that you don't even need a song to make music funny or is that
to make something funny with music? Salut Salon are a chamber music quartet from
Germany. This routine shows not only how talented they are as musicians but how funny
they are and how much fun they can have being silly with what are normally considered
very serious intstruments

I'm finishing this blog with this incredible Morecambe and Wise classic. It's so well known
I don't think there's anything I can say about it you don't already know. I've seen it so
many times over the years and it's wonderful. As you watch it this time, just remember
that Eric plans every move in this sketch in advance!