Here are some of the blogs I follow, written by fellow warriors. We all share our stories openly and hope that they can help raise awareness, improve understanding and let others know they aren't alone.

If there are any blogs you'd recommend I start to follow, I'd love to hear from you! 

Yoga my bed and ME


Donna is a M.E. Warrior, Motivational Mentor, Writer, Free Spirit, Yogi, Business Woman & Dreamer.
I started following Donna on;line and bought her book on yoga for those with ME. Donna has been great at giving me advice and support. She's always positive and incredibly determined to achieve the goals she sets herself. 
As well as her book, blog, YouTube channel and Instagram account, Donna has 3 free video workshops, and 1:1 skype appointments covering yoga, meditation, pacing and advice.

Brunch and Naps


Jennie is one of the people who inspired me to start happybarnet.com. The way she wrote about her experiences with MS was the perfect mix of useful information and personal experience and was always in such an open and positive way. 
As well as being an incredible MS warrior, Jennie writes about Edinburgh, food (including brunches of course!) and beauty.

Dance Dance Ramble Ramble - the life of a Crohn-ie


I met Sarah in a pub knitting group while she was staying in Edinburgh. She's now back in NZ and I miss her dreadfully. She is one of the most positive people I've ever met and I always feel good spending time with her or talking online so of course I was delighted when she recently started blogging. Unafraid of pretty much anything she is fearless warrior this one! Sarah talks about lots of different things in her life including "Life as a Crohn-ie" where she talks about the realities of living with Crohn’s Disease. 

Not just tired


I recently started following Emma on Twitter and one of the things I love most about her updates are her daily gratitude challenge where she shared something she was grateful for each day with the hashtag #mydailythankyou. Has well as sharing her own story, Emma has some great information about what we know about ME/CFS and hopes to provide thoughts on how to live well with the condition.


The chronic ills of Mookpixie


Currently "housebound and horizontal" due to ME/CFS Charlotte is working hard to get well one tiny step at a time....see I told you they were warriors! Charlotte is open and honest about the challenges she faces and how they make her feel. She does this through both her blog posts and through poetry; I definitely related to the picture she painted in her poem "antisocial".