Granny square blankets are one of the most well-known and traditional blanket patterns. As soon as you see the photos below, I'm sure you'll know exactly what a granny square blanket is. I've decided to make a great big blanket....with a twist, as you'll see....and of course any great project shared on social media needs it's own hashtag ;)

The #greatgrannyblanket is not just my latest crochet project it's also acting like a bit of an Instagram journal for me.

Each day I'll make and post a new granny square for my blanket and I'll share a little about how I felt while I made it. Click on the photo and hover over image to read more about that day's square :)

It's been a bit of an up and down time health wise for me recently so I'm hoping this project will not only make a beautiful and very colourful blanket but will also help me share my experiences with you and give me a positive focus as I work to get myself back on track. 

I hope you enjoy watching this blanket grow. You can see all my squares here and watch my daily Instagram updates on both my laura_barnet and bybarnet accounts.